News Round Up: Week of October 25

It’s Commander Legends preview season and the latest set is certainly making waves. The latest release is pushing the boundaries of what a draft environment can be and apparently, testing the limits of card power as well. Recently spoiled, Jeweled Lotus hearkens back to its namesake Black Lotus except it can only be used to cast a Commander. The card generated immediate buzz and has become a bit of a sticking point. While some argue it may have less impact on a game than a Sol Ring, others see it as another step towards powering up Commander. You can check out Jeweled Lotus and the other spoilers, and pre-order Commander Legends, on ChannelFireball’s spoiler page.

In other news this week, the first League Weekend of the 2020-21 professional Magic season is in the books.  Each weekend, members of each league will play 12 round robin style matches within their own league. Team ChannelFireball had a solid performance with Reid Duke placing well in the MPL with 8 wins, while Luis Scott-Vargas is tied for first in Rivals with 9 wins.

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