News Round Up: Week of November 29

As 2020 nears its end the trickle of Magic news has slowed. But this past week gave us an update on the Secret Lair and a first look at Arena based format championships.

First up, in a wide ranging episode of Weekly MTG, Product Architect Mark Heggen gave us a look back and look forward on the product line. Moving forward, the model for Secret Lairs is going to move largely to Superdrops – that is a group of Secret Lairs released in a time span – as opposed to a series of individual drops (although individual drops will continue in some instances). Heggen also gave insight into some planned drops, including artist focused drops for Phil and Kaja Foglio as well as Johannes Voss. Heggen also mentioned that the controversial Walking Dead Secret Lair was the best selling drop to date.

We also got our first look at Secret Lair Ultimate Edition 2. Coming to Wizards Play Network stores, this drop will be available in Spring 2021 and will feature all ten of the Pathways – the Modal Double Faced Lands. The six Pathways that were printed in Zendikar Rising will receive art set on the plane of Kaldheim while the four coming in Kaldheim will have art set on Zendikar.

This weekend also saw the Zendikar Rising Championship take place on MTG Arena. Pitting MPL, Rivals League, and Challengers against one another in a test of Standard and Historic prowess, the field cut down to a Top 8 to be played on Sunday, December 6th. The Top 8 players (and archetypes) are:

  • Brad Barclay on Azorius Control
  • Autumn Burchett on Goblins
  • Luca Magni on Four-Color Midrange
  • Andrea Mengucci on Four-Color Midrange
  • Jan-Moritz Merkel on Sultai Midrange
  • Gabriel Nassif on Sultai Midrange
  • Brad Nelson on Four-Color Midrange
  • Tomas Pokorny on Four-Color Midrange
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