News Round Up: Week of May 29 – Modern Horizons 2 is Here!

Modern Horizons 2 is here! The second direct-to-Modern release has been fully revealed. The set is jam packed with high power options and cards that call back to Magic’s rich history. As is the norm these days, there are also plenty of Variants of the cards in the set, including Retro Frame treatment for some standouts from Modern Horizons 1. Cards in Modern Horizons 2 got one of several treamtsn, from Retro Frame, to Borderless extensions, to a Sketch Frame which features lines from the art description as flavor text. Modern Horizons 2 also has Art Cards, available in Set Boosters. You can check out all the tokens from Modern Horizons 2 here while the updated version of The List – a set of curated cards that can appear in Set Boosters – can be found here.

This weekend is the Strixhaven Set Championship. The tournament features members of the Magic Pro League, the Rivals League, and select Challengers. The players will battle over two days for a chance at the Top 8. The tournament is using Historic and Standard, both of which have felt the impact of the latest set. Historic appears to be dominated by two decks, both of which received a serious boost from the Strixhaven Mystical Archive: Jeskai Turns and Izzet Phoenix. Meanwhile in Standard the two most popular decks are Sultai Ultimatum and Izzet Dragons. At the end of Day One, Seth Manfield and Logan Nettles emerged undefeated with 7-0 records.

On the digital front there are some returning ways to play Magic. Arena will have its Cube return featuring cards from the Mystical Archive and the popular Jumpstart product and event will be on Arena until July 8. Meanwhile on Magic Online, Modern Horizons 2 events are taking place. In addition, last week’s Legacy Showcase Qualifier has been moved to tomorrow – Sunday, June 6. The program experienced massive issues last weekend, forcing the tournament to be moved.


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