News Round Up: Week of May 15

The news never stops in the world of Magic and the last week was no exception.  The week of May 15 saw more players qualify for the World Championships and a look at the next two major releases.

Let’s start at the end of last week and the May Strixhaven League Weekend. Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa (Magic Pro League) and Stanislav Cifka (Rivals League) locked up a slot in the Magic Pro League for the 2021-22 season. They both also qualified for the World Championship in October. By virtue of being the reigning World Champion, PVDDR was already qualified and his and as such his qualification slot will be passed down and awarded during the end-of-season Gauntlet tournament.

The story of the League Weekend was the Tainted PactThassa’s Oracle deck in Historic. Considered by many League members to be the best deck in the format, it overcame Arena interface issues to dominate the weekend. By the end of Sunday many players were convinced part of the deck would be banned and their predictions came true on Wednesday. While some pointed to Tainted Pact as a likely target, Wizards of the Coast removed Thassa’s Oracle. The deck may very well survive thanks to Jace, Wielder of Mysteries but that remains to be seen.

Speaking of Historic, the format is about to get even more cards. Historic Anthology V is coming to Arena on May 27. Available for sale until August 12, the set will introduce 25 cards to the non-rotating format. The original five Praetors from New Phyrexia will be making an appearance, as will all five Commands from Dragons of Tarkir – we see you Dromoka’s Command and Kolaghan’s Command. The set will also introduce high power sideboard cards like Ancient Grudge and Relic of Progenitus. You can check out the full list of cards here.

There are also plenty of new cards on their way to the tabletop side of things. We got our look at the Year of the Ox promotional cards for the Asia-Pacific region, including alternate art for Angrath, the Flame-Chained and Tahngarth, First Mate. Wizards of the Coast also showcased a few Legendary cards from the upcoming set Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. Of note is that some legendary characters will be getting the Planeswalker card type but will not be Planeswalkers canonically in Magic lore.

Finally we got our second look at Modern Horizons 2 cards. The set looks to build on its predecessor with powerful options and amazing callbacks. One card – Cabal Coffers – does both. The powerful land is being added to Modern and getting a much needed reprint. We got a look at multiple cards with the both the Sketch Showcase and old frame treatment. The kick off stream also revealed  that certain Modern Horizons 1 cards – including Force of Negation and Giver of Runes – would appear in Collectors Boosters and get the retro border treatment. Spoiler season kicks off in earnest next Monday.

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