News Round Up: Week of March 14

After weeks of reminiscing about the past with Time Spiral Remastered, this week in the world of Magic has the community looking forward.

The headlines from the last week center on the upcoming releases.  The Strixhaven: School of Mages preview season starts on March 25 with a kickoff show at 9 am Pacific Time. But that’s not all as we learned more details about Modern Horizons II. The follow up to the first Modern Horizons drops on June 11 and will feature a special frame treatment for some cards, and teases a power level in line with its predecessor. July 16 sees the first crossover bringing Dungeons & Dragons to Magic with Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms.

The year rounds out with two sets taking place on Innistrad. Innistrad: Midnight Hunt releases on September 17 and centers on werewolves. Innistad: Crimson Vow comes out on November 19 and focuses on a vampire wedding. We know these sets will both be Standard legal but we do not have any word on how rotation will work as of this article.

This week also saw the announcement of Magic Legends’ Open Beta. The action RPG from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World entertainment will start Open Beta on March 23. You can find out more information on the game here.

The Magic Online Seasons 2 and 3 Champions Showcase took place last weekend. The Season 2 Showcase was won by Martin-Éric Gauthier. Gauthier piloted nearly Mono-Red in Vintage Cube and Selesnya Company in Modern. Jan-Moritz Merkel won the Season 3 Championship with Azorius Spirits in Modern and a disruptive Esper deck in Vintage Cube. Merkel caused a stir with his first pick of Blade Splicer over Mana Crypt, showing his dedication to the archetype.

Next weekend we have the Kaldheim Set Championship. Members of the Magic Pro League, Rivals League, and qualified competitors will battle in Standard and Historic for a chance at glory and positioning in both the leagues and end of year gauntlets/

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