News Round Up: Week of June 26

The last week of June gave the world of Magic its first real look at the upcoming crossover with Dungeons & Dragons and it was rather eye opening. Adventures in the Forgotten Realms takes many of the things that makes Dungeons & Dragons the game it is and is porting them over to Magic: The Gathering. So far we have seen a myriad of races – including Beholders – as well as Enchantments that mimic player classes.We also got a look at Dungeons – a new minigame that plays into the set’s mechanics. Perhaps the most startling addition to Magic is dice rolling. There are numerous cards in the upcoming release that prompt players to roll a 20-sided die with the outcome hinging on the result. This week also saw the breakdown of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms product, including what you can find in the various booster products. Arena also got in on the game, discussing what the latest set rotation and renewal will look like.

The news was not all good on these fronts. Due to delays in shipping, some areas of the United States and Canada may experience an initial shortage of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Draft Boosters. These shortages should end after release week and should not impact Prerelease Kits. As this set is not a limited release, Wizards of the Coast does not anticipate there to be long-term scarcity of the cards in the set.

The Arena State of the Game also gave an update on Pioneer Masters. Work on the set has paused for the time being. Instead the platform will focus on Historic and providing a robust play experience there. While there is a plan to get the remaining Pioneer sets on to Arena, work on the Masters will not take place in the next year.

Last weekend’s Magic Online Championship Showcase was won by Yuuki Ichikawa. The long time professional swept the Modern Constructed rounds, going 3-0 in Swiss before defeating Francisco Sanchez in the finals. Yuuki Ichikawa’s deck of choice was Temur Footfalls, using the interaction between the  Cascade mechanic and Crashing Footfalls to pressure his opponents all day long.

This weekend is the final League Weekend of the 2020-21 Magic Pro League and Rivals League. 48 players are vying for standing with a few hoping to secure their spots in the leagues for next year’s swan song of league play. Featuring Standard and Historic, we will have a recap coming on Monday.

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