News Round Up: Week of June 12

The headlining story this week stems, as it all too often does, from an issue of communication. In an article detailing the 2020-21 Magic Postseason, the prize pool for the 2020-21 World Championship was announced to be $250,000. The number caused a stir in the professional Magic community as it was contrary to the amount listed in this article from August 2019, which said the prize pool for the tournament would be $1,000.000. While the tournament detailed in the August 19 article comes from a pre-Covid time, the lack of communication around the change frustrated many players. This comes on the heels of several other changes at the elite level of organized play, including a vague promise of a system coming in 2022-23. The result of these detail-bereft announcements is the continued erosion of trust between the company that makes the game and a particular stripe of its dedicated players.

The remainder of the Postseason Article described the series of tournaments and how each result could lead to a qualification for next year’s professional leagues. The Challenger Gauntlet will take place August 6-8. Both the Magic Pro League and Rivals Gauntlet will take place September 2-5. The World Championship will take place October 8-10.

The other major news this week came in the form of another Secret Lair. The All-Natural Totally Refreshing Super Drop contains eight different drops and will be available from June 21 through July 23. Each drop will have a foil and non-foil option, and there are bundle options as well.

The drops this time around are:

  • Saturday Morning D&D, featuring six borderless-art cards with recreations of scenes from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon from the 1980s.
  • Artist Series: Mark Poole, featuring six cards illustrated by the classic Magic artist. Three of these cards feature their original art while three get new treatments by Poole.
  • Special Guest: Fiona Staples has the artist behind the comic Saga give her take on five different cards, each given the borderless treatment.
  • Special Guest: Jen Bartel has the artist give her take on four different cards, each given the borderless treatment.
  • Phyrexian Praetors: Compleat Edition gives the original five Praetors from New Phyrexia the new Phyrexian frame as well as Phyrexian card text.
  • Mother’s Day 2021 has four artists, including Rebecca Guay in her return to Magic, give their take on Mother of Runes.
  • Dan Frazier is Back: The Allied Signets and The Enemy Signets has the classic Magic artist behind the original Moxen give his take on the Signets from the original Ravnica block. Done in the retro frame and evocative of the classic Moxen, these two drops are the only to give their cards the etched foil treatment as opposed to traditional foil.

These drops will be available for preorder starting June 21 and will be in the store until July 23. This series also unveils a new more ecologically friendly form of packaging.

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