News Round Up: Week of July 31

The postseason for the 2020-21 professional Magic season is now under way. The Challenger Gauntlet began on Friday with 24 of the best performing Challengers – players who are not members of neither the Rivals League nor the Magic Pro League – duking it out for a shot at the World Championships and for the Magic Pro League in the 2021-22 season. The tournament featured Historic and Standard Constructed across 12 rounds of play.

At the end of Saturday the top 4 players in the Gauntlet were Sam Pardee, Noriyuki Mori, Arne Huschenbeth, and Matti Kusima. These players need to win one game on Sunday to earn a spot in the World Championship and they all have a loss to give. The other eight players – Logan Nettle, Ian Birrell, David Inglis, Sam Rolph, Gavin Thompson, Jan Merkel, Joao Moreira, Keisuke Sato – all have to go undefeated to qualify for the World Championship. Play on Sunday will be Standard Constructed and begin at 9am Pacific time.

It also seems that the spoiler season never stops. The final cards for Jumpstart: Historic Horizons were revealed last week and barely a day later we got our first look at the first set coming this fallInnistrad: Midnight Hunt. The set will take us back to the Gothic horror themed plane of Innistrad. The set marks a return to the original inspiration, leaving aside the cosmic horror influences from Shadows over Innistrad and Eldritch Moon. The set will mark the return of Flashback and, for the first time, the mechanic will appear on multicolor cards. We also know one Planeswalker in the set – Wrenn and Seven. Innistrad: Midnight Hunt releases on September 24.

The fall also features Innistrad: Crimson Vow. Coming two months after Midnight Hunt, we know little about the set other than it appears to feature a marriage and also showcases Sorin Markov in the key art.

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