News Round Up: Week of July 24

Wizards of the Coast is looking to Jumpstart Historic. Jumpstart: Historic Horizons is coming to Arena for a limited time. Between August 12 and September 8, 2021, players can enter the Jumpstart queue. There they will be randomly assigned two packs of cards, jam them together, and do battle. The set contains almost 800 cards, including over 300 that are new to Arena. These new to Arena cards include some from Modern Horizons and Modern Horizons 2, as well as new cards only currently available on Arena.

Some of these new cards feature new mechanics that can only be accomplished on a digital platform. Seek puts a card from your deck that meets the Seek requirement into your hand without changing the order of your library. Cards can also generate a Perpetual effect, which alters the status of a card for the duration of the game. Finally there is Conjure, which puts the Conjured card into your hand – it does not make a token or pull from your sideboard, you just get the card.

As the name implies, these cards will be legal in Historic and available either through Wildcard crafting or during the month-long event. The nature of the distribution of these cards has led some members of the community to take a harder look at the Arena model, noting how attempting to acquire all of these new cards can be a gargantuan task. It remains to be seen if the cards released will be required to compete in competitive Historic but if the reveals thus far are any indication there will be several Wildcards flying after September 8.

And that’s not all! In this month’s State of the Game we learned that Arena will be adding a 100 Card Historic Brawl Queue. Historic Brawl is Arena’s answer to the Commander format and while it lacks the multiplayer nature, it does replicate the deck building requirements. Since the format is largely based around the card you select as a Commander, some of the Perpetual cards that permanently deplete toughness have been preemptively banned.

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