News Round Up: Week of January 9

The second week of 2021 brought us quite a bit of Magic news. The headline continues to be the reveal of Kaldheim. The full list of the next Standard legal set will be this week but for now you can check out the known cards over on ChannelFireball’s spoiler page.

Speaking of Kaldheim, the first League Weekend of the Kaldheim Split is taking place this weekend. Featuring Historic (without any of the latest cards), the weekend will help to determine seeding  for the end of season gauntlets and help determine which players make the Magic Pro League next season, and which players will have to fight for a slot.

The world of Pauper was shaken up this week with another ban. Fall from Favor had been legal for barely two months before it was removed from the format due to its recent run of absolute dominance.

Rounding out this week we also got information on Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition 2. Available March 5 at Wizards Play Network locations, the drop will feature all ten Pathway Lands. The six from Zendikar Rising will feature art set on Kaldheim while the four from Kaldheim will have art showcasing Zendikar.

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