News Round Up: Week of January 2

A new year brings a new set. The first full week of 2021 brought a bevy of information on the next release: Kaldheim. The reveal stream from January 7 showed off new cards and mechanics, as well as the return of interesting characters.

Kaldheim will feature the following mechanics:

  • Modal Double Faced Cards – the remaining four Pathway Lands will be found in the set, and every God creature from Kaldheim is a MDFC with a different permanent on the back side. One of the more interesting versions of this is Valki, God of Lies//Tibalt, Cosmic Impersonator.
  • Snow makes a return. In addition to Snow Covered Basic Lands, there will be Snow creatures and Snow spells, using Snow as a payment, and common Snow Dual Lands that enter the battlefield tapped but have two Basic Land types.
  • Boast allows you to activate an ability once per turn if the creature with Boast attacked.
  • Foretell allows you to exile a card from your hand for two generic mana and then cast it later for its Foretell cost.

At the end of the week we had the cards for all four Planeswalkers in the set (including Tibalt) in Kaya the Inexorable, Niko Aris, and Tyvar Kell. We also saw the Phyrexian Praetor (with the new Phyrexian creature type) Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider. How Vorinclex got off the plane of New Phyrexia remains a mystery for now but with a new slate of free Magic story coming out with Kaldheim, we may find out sooner than later.

For all the latest official spoilers, be sure to check out ChannelFireball’s spoiler page where you can also pre-order Kaldheim.

The other major news of the week is that MTG Arena is coming to some mobile devices at the end of January. The mobile version of the game will not replicate all elements of the desktop variant initially but will share a collection. The game will be available on select Android devices at first with an Apple app coming later this year.

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