News Round Up: Week of January 16

This week the news in the world of Magic centered around the impending release of the new set Kaldheim. The full card list has been revealed, as well as all the tokens and the contents of the two  preconstructed Commander decks. Players in Australia and New Zealand will have to wait a little longer to play with the newest cards as certain products shipped to those countries encountered delays due to the recent holiday season. As a result the Austrialia Prerelease events have been combined with Release Weekend (moving from January 29 to February 5).

Professional Magic wrapped up its first League Weekend of 2021. Historic was the name of the game and at the end of Sunday, Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa remained atop of the Magic Pro League standings while Stanislav Cifka took over possession of the top spit in the Rivals League. The next League Weekend will come at the end of February.

Finally we saw the January Arena State of the Game. The latest update showcased the implementation of Kaldheim and gave us a look at what the first round of Mobile play will look like. The State of the Game also teased the upcoming Historic Anthology 4, without providing additional details on the contents of the set.

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