News Round Up: Week of February 28

This week was largely about Magic’s past. We got the full card list for Time Spiral Remastered as well as the Bonus Sheet and the Tokens. Remixing the three sets of Time Spiral Block – Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, and Future Sight – this remastered set will provide a cohesive draft experience while also putting some cards into Magic‘s original card frame for the first time. Time Spiral Remastered releases for Tabletop on March 19 and comes to Magic Online on March 18.

But that’s not the only new set to get dropped this week. We also learned the contents of Historic Anthology IV. These 25 cards will be released on Arena and will be legal in the Historic Format. Some of the highlights this time around include Thraben Inspector, Spider Spawning, Harmless Offering, and Death’s Shadow. Historic Anthology IV will be available in the Arena store from March 11-June 10 and all the cards are also redeemable via Wildcards.

The week also saw the second Kaldheim League Weekend for the Magic Pro League and the Rivals League. The weekend ended with Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa leading the MPL. Over in the Rivals League, Stanislav Cifka and Eli Kassis were tied for first place. The next major event will be the Kaldheim Championship, March 26-28.


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