News Round Up: Week of February 13

The past seven days saw little reprieve from major announcements in the world of Magic. The week kicked off in earnest with a massive ban list update. A slew of bans impacted Historic, Pioneer, Modern, and Legacy. There was even a change to the way Cascade functioned, now making it so the spell cast has to have a lower converted mana cost than the spell with Cascade. For a more detailed rundown of the changes, check out this article.

Speaking of converted mana cost, we learned this term is getting removed from the game (or is it exiled?). Strixhaven: Schools of Magic will introduce the terms mana value (replacing converted mana cost) and shuffle (replacing shuffle your library). We found this out in the introduction to the next set, which will be based around five enemy color pairs. Strixhaven will also feature showcase frames, one of which will appear in every Draft Booster, and special showcase frames for the Japanese market, which have a chance of appearing in Collector Boosters. These cards will receive the etched foil treatment that debuted in Commander Legends.

Finally, we learned the final two cards in Secret Lair: Black is Magic. Sol Ring and Path of Ancestry round out the drop, sales of which go to benefit Black Girls CODE.


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