News Round Up: Week of December 27

Happy New Year everyone! While 2021 is just getting underway, the world of Magic is already looking ahead to March.While the past few weeks have been a bit slow, there were two major spoilers officially revealed during the final week of 2020.

First up is Toski, Bearer of Secrets from Kaldheim. The Legendary Squirrel is based on Ratatoskr from Norse mythology and gives green a Coastal Piracy on a body. We will see more of Kaldheim on Thursday, January 7 during the reveal stream on twitch.tv/magic at 9am PST.

The second spoiler is from Time Spiral Remastered. The set takes hits from Time Spiral Block and re-configures them into new draftable experience. The release promo was shown on New Years Day: Lotus Bloom. The card uses the Christopher Rush art from the Time Spiral prerelease promo but places it in the original Magic frame, complete with the star emblem from the first runs of premium foils. Time Spiral Remastered hits the shelves on March 19, 2021.

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