News Round Up: Week of April 3

The Last Hurrah for Kaldheim


The changing of the guard is near. While Kaldheim isn’t going anywhere, Strixhaven: School of Mages has almost arrived and with it, a new Standard and new Commander decks. There’s one last hurrah for Kaldheim, however, as the first weekend of the Strixhaven Split is here for the Magic Pro League and the Rivals League. This weekend is some players’ final chance to play themselves out of relegation and into a potential slot in the postseason tournaments.

Looking forward, there is quite a bit to be excited over. The full lists of the Commander 2021 decks, as well as new cards, have been revealed. The cards are also coming to Arena and with it, another Sealed Arena Open in early May. The addition of Strixhaven will also see sideboards enter the fray for Best-of-One, but these will be exclusively used for Learning Lessons (for for cards like Mastermind’s Acquisition).

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