News Round Up: Week of April 10

After the lightning fast pace of Strixhaven: School of Mages spoilers season, the news stopped flowing so readily this week. There were still updates, including Ondrej Strasky and Eli Kassis qualifying for the World Championship through professional League play, but much of the week of April 10 felt like bookkeeping.

We finally got a look at all the tokens and art cards for Strixhaven and its associated Commander release. There were updates to the second season of the MOCS (Magic Online Championship Series) – which was quickly updated in a threat of tweets.

Strixhaven also came to both digital platforms this week. While Magic Online is dealing with some issues requiring hotfixes, Arena has an entirely new Historic format thanks to the Mystical Archive. Additionally, four cards were banned in Historic Brawl: Channel, Demonic Tutor, Natural Order, and Tainted Pact.

Finally, in a bit of good news, in store play is slowly starting to return. Wizards Play Network locations in Japan are eligible to host in person events immediately, while locations in Africa can begin on May 1. The next in store play update will come on May 12.


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