News Round Up: Week of October 18

It was a relatively quiet week in the world of Magic, but things picked up over the weekend.

On Monday we learned about Wizards of the Coasts efforts to raise funds for the Extra Life Charity in 2020. In addition to the usual stream and auctions, there will be a Secret Lair Drop. The Extra Life Drop will sell for $60.00, with Wizards making a $30.00 donation to Extra Life for each unit purchased. Extra Life is a charity that helps to raise money for children’s hospitals.

This weekend is the first League Weekend for the Magic Pro League and¬†Rivals League. Magic‘s professional players will do battle in three of these weekends, with spots in next year’s professional leagues at stake. You can check out all the decks lists for MPL members here and Rivals members here.

Also in Rivals League news, 2020 Season Grand Finals champion Austin Bursavich has been offered a spot in the Rivals League. Bursavich had a fantastic season, but the qualification routes left him on the outside looking in until a spot was left vacant. The spot that came up was that of Hall of Famer Eric Froehlich. Froehlich has retired from professional Magic due to Wizards of the Coast conflict of interest rules (Froechlich’s spouse has recently accepted a full time job at Wizards of the Coast).

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