Deck Highlight – Standard Selsnya Counters

There’s some really good support for counters in Zendikar Rising, despite the cowards at WotC not bringing back Saddleback Lagac.

Swarm Shambler is one of the key pieces, making creatures with counters hard to remove and making itself bigger if unchecked. Luminarch Aspirant helps grow your team alongside Basri’s Lieutenant, making for a very counter-heavy strategy.

Taking advantage of some of the MDFC cards with Kabira Takedown and Khalni Ambush both making the cut, and even Emeria’s Call and The Great Henge, this is a bit leftfield of your standard aggressive green-white deck, but it really packs a wallop.

The creautres here get big FAST, with Stonecoil Serpent, Scavenging Ooze and Conclave Mentor threatening to run wild if they aren’t stopped. Basri Ket makes an appearance too for extra counters, as if you needed them. If you’re looking to get aggressive in the new format, this is a very solid way to do that, with a great long game.

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