Deck Highlight – Standard Sea Gate Control

Dimir Sea Gate Control is something of a classic control deck. Very few threats and lots of interaction, with one very important new card, Sea Gate Stormcaller. The Stormcaller copies an instant or sorcery – two when kicked, and with a lot of low cost instants and sorceries in the list, there’s plenty of value to be had with the creature’s ability.

A strong suite of removal and disruption includes Murderous Rider, Agonizing Remorse, Bloodchief’s Thirst and Neutralize. In addition, there are card draw spells to keep you ahead in Opt and Frantic Inventory.

Your finishers are Shark Typhoon, which is still a mightily powerful card, and Ashiok, Nightmare Muse, both of which can close out games fast if unopposed, and still provide plenty of value if they can be dealt with.

This is a great deck to start playing control in the new format, so if you’re a blue mage, I’d be starting here.


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