Legacy Power Rankings – December 2020

Since my last Power Rankings update, the biggest shake up that Legacy saw was the resurgence of Death and Taxes thanks to the addition of Skyclave Apparition. I have a fondness for that deck and I would even play it at the next Legacy event. You can read my deck guide about it here as well

However, I can’t deny that Death and Taxes still isn’t the best deck for an open field and that registering Brainstorm, Force of Will and Oko, Thief of Crown is probably the best choice still.

1. Temur Delver

Temur Delver has been in the first place in these Power Rankings for a very long time at this point and, despite the fact that it doesn’t win every weekend event, it keeps on placing good results in tournaments that matter.

Our very own Rich Cali won a big tournament using this build and also wrote about how to beat the deck, which is definitely something you have to check if you want to delve deep into Legacy.

2. Snowko

Much like Temur Delver, Snowko is the long-staying rival of Delver of Secrets this year in Legacy, ever since Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath entered the ring. 

Snowko is the heir to Miracles. While some lists still play Terminus, some others have moved away from white and only splash it for Swords to Plowshares, opting to use Dead of Winter as a sweeper instead.

There’s a video by Anuraag Das showing off Snowko using Terminus in a league which I suggest checking out and a guide by Rich Cali on Snowko using Dead of Winter.

3. Death and Taxes

As I said earlier, Death and Taxes is definitely the deck that has gained the most spots in the Power Rankings in recent months thanks to the printing of Skyclave Apparition, providing the best tool mono white has ever had to deal with annoying permanents such as Oko, Thief of Crowns.

Death and Taxes almost disappeared in the months prior Zendikar Rising. For the deck, it was just impossible to deal with all the huge threats that the aforementioned blue decks were presenting.

I believe Death and Taxes now has a slightly positive matchup against blue decks now but struggles the most against combo decks, given the lack of a Force of Will or Force of Negation. Instead, they have to hope that Mindbreak Trap and Deafening Silence can get the job done in the post sideboard games.

4. Hogaak

As I iterated in past Power Rankings, I believe Hoogak to being the best “combo” deck in Legacy, able to grind through the blue control decks while having super explosive draws and a possible turn three win.

The first versions used to be playing Faithless Looting, but recently moved away from those. Currently, almost all the lists of Hogaak I play against pack full playsets of Hedron Crab and Careful Study.

5. Show and Tell

If you talk about combo decks in Legacy, Show and Tell is certainly the go to deck. It exists in two versions: one featuring Sneak Attack and one featuring Omniscience and Cunning Wish. The Omniscience version tends to be better against Death and Taxes since it plays around Karakas but it’s worse against counters since you happen to have less threats from cutting the Sneak Attack.

6. Elves

Elves is another strong combo deck that got a huge boost in 2020 thanks to Allosaurus Shepherd, serving as both a protection for your Natural Order or Glimpse of Nature as well a win condition.

Elves has recently won multiple big events such as Showcase Challenge and Eternal Weekend and it’s definitely a deck to respect and to be ready for with Plague Engineer and Blazing Volley.

Some Elves lists also play Elvish Reclaimer as a way access Gaea’s Cradle more readily, which Anuraag Das did a video about.

7. Sultai Depths

There used to be two top decks in Legacy that tried to cheat Marit Lage into play, Lands and BG Depths, and I usually combined them together in my power rankings. Today though I feel like moving away from that, since Lands just hasn’t put that many good results as the blue decks it was supposed to prey on now have strong, proactive plans against it.

I’ll just focus instead on Turbo Depths which Negator77, the Legacy trophy Leader, keeps on crushing with on Magic Online. His latest list is a Sultai one that has been doing well both for him and for other people as it just won the latest Legacy Challenge.

Legacy Sultai Depths by Negator77 

If you want to know more about Turbo Depths and all the intricacies of this deck I highly recommend you to watch Anuraag Das’s video on the deck with Thom Hepp, aka Negator77 himself

8. Mono Blue Karn Echoes

Mono Blue Karn Echoes started as a meme but has recently put up incredibly strong results, with several Top 8 challenge performances and wins.

The deck hasn’t changed too much since its first build focused on Narset, Parter of Veils and Echo of Eons, although Magic Online user WhiteFaces recently tried the new Commander Legends card Hullbreacher over Narset with some success. Whenever I tried the deck I often found myself struggling to get double blue and Hullbreacher could solve that problem, providing a combo piece that’s softer on the mana base requirements.

This is probably the best Chalice of the Void deck around and one that’s certainly fun to play.

9. Eldrazi

Eldrazi is a Legacy classic and I refuse to cut such a consistent deck from the Power Rankings.

I’m still faithful to the good old Colorless Eldrazi, although these days we’re seeing some versions splashing white for Swords to Plowshares and Eldrazi Displacer, moving away from Chalice of the Void.

Chalice of the Void just doesn’t rock like it used to with Oko, Thief of Crown being able to shut it off and allow them to unload all the one drops they’ve been holding. Force of Negation is also another reason to move away from the Chalice of the Void decks since the blue decks just have way more answers for it now, even on turn zero.

Another versions of Eldrazi is Mono Green Post , which keeps on doing well in a world of slow midrange decks.

10. Izzet Delver

I used to put Izzet Delver together with Temur Delver at the first place spot and add various Delver decks in the Top 8 like UB Shadow or Tempo decks like UB Ninjas. Now though, I decided to make room for Izzet Delver since it’s a strong option and not just a budget version of Temur Delver.

Thanks to its basic lands it manages to play around Wasteland locks which is often deadly for Temur Delver’s manabase of only dual lands. Because of this, Izzet Delver I think has the edge over Temur Delver in the mirror. However, it’s still behind Snowko and other midrange decks since it lacks the card advantage of Oko, Thief of Crown and Sylvan Library, as well as the raw power of Hooting Mandrills.


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