Kaldheim Preview Highlight: Standard Rakdos Midrange

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a fan of value, and this Rakdos deck has plenty of it to be found. By combining Valki, God of Lies and Goldspan Dragon with removal spell after removal spell, you take away your opponent’s ways to win the game while finishing things quickly. Let’s take a look!

Standard Rakdos Midrange (KHM Update) by Luis Scott-Vargas


Header - The Game Plan

Kill all of the opponent’s stuff, then kill them with a Dragon or Kroxa.

This deck has a ton of removal, a good amount of hand disruption and some solid finishers. It’s midrange through and through, with an answer for everything and a lot of sources of card advantage. It also plays into the snow theme, which gives it some efficient removal and a great creature land.


Header - Key Cards

Goldspan Dragon


This remains the most efficient red finisher available, and I’m going to keep putting Goldspan Dragon into all my red decks. It’s that good, especially with cheap removal to play afterwards.


Valki, God of Lies // Tibalt, Cosmic ImpostorKroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger


These two are the double threats, as both are good early and brutal late. Kroxa gives the deck a recurring threat that pops out of the graveyard and Valki gives you a relevant early play that can dominate the game for seven mana. The treasures from Goldspan Dragon help get these going as well.


Frost BiteBonecrusher GiantTundra FumaroleHeartless Act


Rakdos is known for its removal, and this mix of spells does a great job of covering your bases. The snow spells are as cheap as they come, at one and zero mana if things line up, and the rest are cheap too.


Mazemind Tome


I really like the combo of Tome into Tundra Fumarole or Dragon, and this gives you a source of card advantage to go with all your removal spells.


Header - Mulligans

This deck is basically all removal, so I expect to see some of that in pretty much any hand. Other cards you want to see are Valki and Tome, as both give you some good value early.


Goldspan DragonFrost BiteFaceless HavenKroxa, Titan of Death's HungerFabled PassageSnow-Covered Mountain (282)Snow-Covered Swamp (280)


Keep. This hand doesn’t do all that much before Dragon, but still has a piece of removal and a Kroxa.


Frost BiteFrost BiteTundra FumaroleMazemind TomeAgonizing RemorseSnow-Covered Mountain (282)Faceless Haven


Keep. It’s light on lands but has removal and Tome to buy you time and find some mana.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • You’d rather cast Tibalt than Valki, so try and play other cards early if you have that option.
  • Goldspan Dragon is best if you can line it up with a two mana play, so prioritizing removal to keep up Heartless Act or Frost Bite is optimal.
  • Try to avoid scrying with Mazemind Tome. You want to draw all the cards and should only scry if absolutely necessary.
  • Don’t be afraid to target your own Dragon with burn spells to make some treasure to ramp out a Tibalt. It’s worth it.


Header - As Good as Gold

I’m excited about the possibilities with Goldspan Dragon and Tibalt is no slouch either. Perhaps they can breathe new life into this deck, as the cards here are good on their own and even better together.



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