Kaldheim Preview Highlight: Resplendent Marshal

White Aggro isn’t having the best time in Standard and it definitely needs a boost in Kaldheim to compete with the other aggressive strategies. Kaldheim already offered a good one drop in Usher of the Fallen, but now it’s giving White Weenie a nice three drop evasive creature in Resplendent Marshal.



On top of being a 3/3 flier for three mana, Resplendent Marshal can pump your team permanently both when comes into play and when it leaves. However, to pull this off you’ll need to build your deck accordingly with similar tribes. Thankfully though, Kaldheim brought back Changeling, which works wonders with this card!

Let’s take a look at which Mardu aggressive creature share the same creature types.



Fervent ChampionCodespell ClericArchpriest of IonaGarrison CatGiant KillerSpeaker of the HeavensVenerable KnightLuminarch AspirantRobber of the RichKitesail FreebooterCharming PrinceBeskir ShieldmateSeasoned HallowbladeShepherd of the FlockWorthy KnightAcclaimed ContenderLinden, the Steadfast QueenBasri's Lieutenant



Usher of the FallenGoma Fada VanguardKargan IntimidatorBeskir ShieldmateSigrid, God-FavoredSeasoned HallowbladeLegion Angel



Venerable KnightFervent ChampionRimrock KnightStormfist CrusaderInspiring VeteranBlacklance ParagonSmitten SwordmasterOrder of MidnightWorthy KnightAcclaimed Contender


If you look at the current lists of White Weenie in Standard, you’ll find in the one drop slot is fileld with Alseid of Life’s Bounty and Selfless Savior, which don’t share any creature type with anything else. This means that, if you want to properly exploit Resplendent Marshal’s enter the battlefield effect, you have to build your deck accordingly. Hopefully, some good Changeling cards will come out to help tie this all together.

I could see building a Boros aggro deck with Resplendent Marshal and Embercleave as top curve with a mix of the aforementioned creature type.




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