Kaldheim Preview Highlight: Kolvori, God of Kinship

Kaldheim brings yet another cycle of Gods into the Magic multiverse. However, unlike the Gods from Theros and Amonkhet, there are no restrictions which you have to meet in order to use them. Quite the opposite, these Gods actually have two powerful modes that you can choose from as you cast them!



Header - Kolvori, God of Kinship

Kolvori, God of Kinship has modest stats as only a 2/4, but she comes with a powerful ability – she can provide card advantage with each turn that she’s on the battlefield. Not merely generic card advantage, she can dig you straight to your most powerful cards!

Kolvori only has “modest” stats until she doesn’t. I think it’ll be very realistic to assemble three legendary creatures as early as turn five, which means that when things go well, Kolvori can be a 6/6 as soon as she’s ready to attack. Crucially, vigilance means that she can attack and activate her ability in the same turn. Since it’s an instant, she can even block and activate at the end of the opponent’s turn.


Header - The Ringhart Crest

Now, all of these upsides on her creature half make for a sweet card, but there are plenty of sweet cards that cost four mana. What really sets Kolvori apart is her alternative mode: The Ringhart Crest. Two mana mana acceleration is extremely hard to come by in Standard, and when it comes as a card that can be either mana or payoff, it’s really something special. 

Note that there’s no requirement for adding mana to cast legendary creatures, so you don’t have to name “God” to get a lot of the benefit here. Instead, you could name Elf or Beast or Troll or whatever suits your deck and, without too much effort, The Ringhart Crest ought to help you cast the lion’s share of your creatures.

What I really love is that the double-faced nature of this card makes it easy to play three or four copies in your deck. It’s actually good to draw two copies of this legend, since you can play The Ringhart Crest on turn two and Kolvori on turn three!


Header - Legendary Numbers

So how many legends do you need in order to make Kolvori good? Well, if I was going to put a sorcery in my deck that had the same text as Kolvori’s ability, I would want a very low chance of missing. That would mean a number of legendary creatures in the twenties. However, since this is a repeatable ability for which you don’t have to invest a card, you don’t need that level of consistency. Missing is merely an annoyance, not a disaster.

If you were satisfied with a 50 percent chance of hitting a legend, you could get away with playing three or four copies of Kolvori and four or five additional legendary creatures. Alternatively, you should be thrilled to play Kolvori in Limited even with just two other legends. 

More realistically, to take ample advantage of The Ringhart Crest’s mana, Kolvori’s activated ability and have a good chance of assembling three legendary creatures, I’d guess that you should shoot for something in the ballpark of 14 legendary creatures in your deck. Three or four Kolvori and ten others sounds nice. Since another green God also plays well in a legend-heavy deck, I think we can be well on our way to that.


Esika, God of the Tree // The Prismatic Bridge


Until next time, happy brewing!


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