Kaldheim Preview Highlight: Esika’s Chariot

Esika’s Chariot looks awesome, and not just because of the amazing art.


Esika's ChariotEsika's Chariot (Showcase)


For four mana, you get four power and four toughness worth of stats and an Equipment on top of that, which can be very hard to remove for control players. If you ever get to attack with it, you get to create more tokens, and keep in mind that you are not limited to just copying creatures. The best part about Esika’s Chariot is that you don’t have to actually deal damage to your opponent – all you need to do is find creatures with four total power and attack.

It’s my understanding that you can also copy Treasure tokens or Food tokens, so this vehicle could fit right into Standard Mono Green Food, for example.


Gilded GooseTangled Florahedron // Tangled ValeWicked WolfFeasting Troll King


Thanks to Gilded Goose and Tangled Florahedron, you’ll be able to play the Chariot on turn three most of the time and when you attack, you’ll get to either create more Cat tokens to go wide or get more Food to protect your Wicked Wolf or bring back Feasting Troll King from your graveyard.


Giant OpportunityVivien, Monsters' AdvocateOld-Growth Troll


If you want to take a slightly different approach with Mono Green Food, you can even try Giant Opportunity to start copying 7/7 tokens and Vivien, Monster’s Advocate is another card that already shows up in Mono Green Food that creates tokens that you can copy. Lastly, Old-Growth Troll is another new card from Kaldheim that fits right into Mono Green that’s resilient to sweepers and crews the Chariot without any additional help. 


Shark TyphoonStarnheim Unleashed


There are plenty of other big creature tokens to copy if you want to add a second color. Cards like Shark Typhoon and Starnheim Unleashed come to mind. Even if you only have Esika’s Chariot in play with no other creatures, both of these cards can create a creature large enough to crew the Vehicle and immediately get you another copy when you attack.


This card does a lot of work for four mana and fits right into an already existing Tier 1 archetype which can power it out on turn three. I’m sure we’re going to be seeing a lot of it in the new Standard format. 



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