Kaldheim Preview Highlight: Doomskar

Wow. It’s not every set that we get a good Wrath of God, much less a busted one, and Doomskar (one of today’s preview cards) might be as high as second best Wrath of all time. Lest you think I’m exaggerating, take a look.



Alright, so this is a five mana Wrath, which is on the expensive side. What makes it so busted? Is foretell that good?


Wrath of GodAnger of the Gods


Yes, yes it is. By having a foretell cost of 1WW, it means you can foretell Doomskar on turn two and have access to an unconditional sweeper as early as turn three. Your Wrath of God is also an Anger of the Gods, meaning that it covers all your bases nicely. Normally, you can either get a two or three mana sweeper that kills small creatures or a four or five mana one that kills big ones, but here you get to have your Doom and Skar it too.

Another key piece is that you don’t have to go foretell on turn two and Doomskar on turn three – sometimes, you’ll foretell on turn two and not cast Doomskar until much later, if at all. What that does is let you plan out your turns to sweep the board for just three mana and play some threats all at once. Getting to be first to rebuild after a Wrath is a very powerful ability indeed, and this gives you way more latitude to do so.

Lastly, there’s a lot of bluff potential here. Imagine that your opponent plays a  one drop into a two drop and you Foretell a card on turn two in your blue-white control deck. There’s a good chance they play around Doomskar by not playing a third creature, especially since that would make them look quite foolish if you had it (and fear of looking foolish is a big motivator for people). You then play something else on turn three, because you didn’t even have a Doomskar, and you just foretold something else!

Just by existing, Doomskar saved you quite a bit of damage, making it even stronger. Plus, even in the games where you do foretell this on turn two, the opponent slowplaying their creatures could mean that you just play a targeted removal spell on turn three, as you aren’t forced to Doomskar. The thought of all this play and counterplay is a big part of why I think Doomskar is so strong.

Be prepared to fight with (or against) Doomskar when Kaldheim comes out – it’s gonna be a huge part of the metagame.



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