January Kaldheim League Weekend Wrap Up

The first League Weekend of 2021 is in the books. The January Kaldheim League Weekend saw members of the Magic Pro League and the Rivals League battle in Historic for seeding. These Leage Weekends help to determine positioning in the end-of-season tournaments and can help players secure a spot in either the MPL or the Rivals League.

Team ChannelFireball Ultimate Guard had a solid weekend overall. In the Magic Pro League, Gabriel Nassif picked up 9 wins to put himself one win off the leader – current World Champion Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa. Martin Juza also rattled off 9 wins, leaving himself in a tie for 5th place. Reid Duke and Andrea Mengucci are both in a tie for 8th after the weekend while William Jensen’s 5 wins leave him in a tie for 14th place.

Over in Rivals League, Luis Scott-Vargas had a rough time of things. Ending the weekend with 4 wins, LSV finds himself outside the Top 4 after leading the Rivals League going into the January weekend. LSV is only one point out of a tie for second place but everyone in Rivals is trailing Stanislav Cifka, who took over first place with 10 wins this past weekend.

The Leagues return to battle at the end of February with Kaldheim in the mix.

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