First Look at Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

Today on the DailyMTG Stream and a follow up article, the Magic world got its initial look at the first Standard legal set of 2022: Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. A panel of Blake Rasmussen, Mark Rosewater (the lead on Vision Design), and Grace Fong (one of the Narrative Designers of the set) discussed how this set came to be and what players can expect when opening packs in February.

While initially reported to take place 10,000 years after the events of 2004’s Champions of Kamigawa Block, the events actually take place 1,200 years after the last visit to Kamigawa as Rasmussen let us know the previous announced timeline was an error. In the intervening years, magic-fueled technology has come to be a feature of the plane and one of the conflicts we can expect to see in the set is that of modernity set in juxtaposition to tradition. Each of these “factions” have some mechanical identity, but those were not revealed today.

One thing that was revealed was a new Planeswalker: Kaito Shizuki. Initially an orphan in the Imperial Court, an accident involving a man with a metal arm led them into the city to pursue to life of a ninja. After encountering the Kami of the Spark – Himoto – their Planeswalker spark ignites.

We also learned about the vision design of the set. Initially the set was conceived of as a Japanese inspired plane. However, if there was a way to make it fit with Kamigawa, Wizards would do just that. During the design process, Wizards was able to find a way to bring the two worlds together – using the duality of modernity and tradition mentioned previously – to bring us back to Kamigawa.

Certain elements are returning with this visit to Kamigawa. The set will see an above average number of Legendary Creatures to go along with a Legendary Theme (the original Kamigawa Block had every rare creature a Legendary), including new takes on the Legendary Dragon cycle and other characters.

Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos also is getting a special “Neon Ink” foiling treatment. The Blue, Green, and Red versions will appear in Collector Boosters while the Yellow version will be a WPN Promo.

Continuing the recent trend, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty will also have full art lands. Appearing in Collector, Draft, and Set Boosters, the Ukiyo-e Lands will showcase either a traditional or modern perspective on the world. These lands have arts produced by Kuguro, the studio that worked on Strixhaven’s Mystical Archive. They appear in one out of every three Draft and Set Boosters while each Collector Booster will have a foil Ukiyo-e Land.

There is more, of course. Neon Dynasty will feature two Commander Decks and also heralds the return of Game Day – March 5-6, Limited and Standard at participating WPN locations. There is also a run up of events to the Debut Day on January 27. On January 11 there will be a Creative Roundtable discussing the crafting of the world. From January 11 through January 21, Short Histories will be published and from January 24 through January 26, all of the web-ficiton for the set will be released. Finally, spoilers start in earnest on January 27.

In conjunction with the set, Beadle & Grimm will be producing Platinum and Silver Neon Dynasty bundles. Platinum will have a limited run while Silver will be produced to demand. The packages include a Magic backpack, a LED framed playmat, a deck vault, deck boxes, a life counter, card sleeves, a folio, and more. These items will be available to preorder on December 17.

What are you excited about on this visit to Kamigawa? Are you excited to revisit the various species that inhabit the plane or interested in finding that next new Commander?

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