First Look at Innistrad Midnight Hunt

The nights are growing longer on Innistrad, and thus the scene is set for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. The official start of spoiler season began with a kickoff video that detailed the set’s mechanics and the background lore. Something is afoot on the Gothic horror plane and the Dawnheart Coven, a collection of human witches and warlocks, believe it has something to do with Innistrad’s moon (Emrakul’s prison as of the end of Eldritch Moon). They are trying to gather humans for the a festival, but are doing so in the midst of Werewolf lands.

The set features two returning mechanics: Flashback and Investigate. Innistrad: Midnight Hunt also introduces four new mechanics: Coven, Daybound/Nightbound, Decayed, and Disturb.

Coven is an ability word that counts different power amongst creatures you control. The benefits for meeting the Coven requirement vary but thus far we have seen one that allows you to draw a card while another lets you filter through the top of your library to find a human.

Daybound/Nightbound is another take on the original Werewolf mechanic from Innistrad. A creature with the mechanic will cause the Daybound/Nightbound token to enter play (usually as Daybound). If no spells are cast for a turn, it becomes Night and this will cause all Daybound permanents to transform to their Nightbound side. If two (or more) spells are cast on the following turn, the Nightbound will transform back to their Daybound face.

Decayed is new ability for Zombies. Decayed Zombies cannot block and are sacrificed once they attack.

Disturb is a new take on Flashback and Unearth. A creature with Disturb can be cast from the graveyard for its Disturb cost, but then it enters the battlefield transformed. These creatures then exile once they leave the battlefield so they cannot be recast ad infinitum.

There’s more of course, including the breakdown of Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters, two new Commander decks, and Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Commander cards that can only be acquired through Set and Collector Boosters. There are two different showcase treatments – the black and white Eternal Night treatment and the more verdant Equinox treatment.

We will learn more about Innistrad: Midnight hunt in advance of its release on Arena on September 16.

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