Final Pre-Rotation Standard Power Rankings – 9/6/21

It’s about time to say goodbye to some Standard staples. Adventures, we hardly knew ye. Actually, I think we knew ye pretty well by this point. In any event, I tried to make this a pretty comprehensive list of the format, though weighted for results in this past weekends Rivals and MPL Gauntlets. Let’s take a look at the final pre-rotation Standard Power Rankings!



1. Jeskai Mutate


I think this deck was complicated enough that it didn’t quite see as much play as it would have if it were a bit simpler. The Japanese contingent in the MPL gauntlet absolutely dominated with the deck, coming close to taking all the Worlds slots, but only ending up with two. Jeskai Mutate had a 64.8 percent win rate this season from Bronze to Mythic according to Untapped.gg.


2. Gruul Magda


Gruul had a hot and cold relationship this season. It wasn’t a particularly popular deck in either gauntlet over the weekend, but the people that did play it did so fairly well. This form of Gruul really didn’t burst onto the scene until Hall of Famer Raphael Levy invented it in the middle of the season. Gruul had a 64.6 percent win rate this season according to Untapped.gg.


3. Naya Winota


Naya Winota has been considered the deck to beat for the past several weeks in Standard. It was another deck that was a bit underrepresented in the gauntlets, though. Unlike Gruul, those who played Naya Winota didn’t fare all that well, either. Naya Winota had a 63.5 percent win rate this season according to Untapped.gg.


4. Rogues


Rogues really ebbed and flowed in popularity, partly because it was generally believed that Rogues was weak against the red creature decks. Some people accurately predicted those would actually be underrepresented over the weekend and went with Rogues, which turned out to be a good choice, with John Emmanuel Depraz taking a Worlds spot. Rogues had a 65.2 percent win rate this season.


5. Naya Adventures


I always really liked this deck, and it was definitely the best deck in the Challenger Gauntlet. The Adventure strategy was usually the best (or right among the best) things you could be doing and Naya Adventures used that in combination with Showdown of the Skalds, one of the best cards in the Naya colors. Naya Adventures had a 63.2 percent win rate this season according to Untapped.gg.


6. Temur Adventures


Temur Adventures was always held down just a little bit because the blue didn’t add enough. The deck was strong, with Koma, Cosmos Serpent as a top-end, but the Gruul and Naya strategies ended up being a little better, partly because they were better in the head-to-head. Temur Adventure had a 63.2 percent win rate this season according to Untapped.


7. Sultai Ultimatum


This was one of the more iconic decks of the format, but the last couple months have not reflected kindly on it. It did poorly in the gauntlets, including atrociously in the MPL Gauntlet. That being said, it would be improper to think back on this format and not think of Sultai Ultimatum. The deck had a 59 percent win rate this season according to Untapped.gg.


8. Cycling

Flourishing FoxZenith FlareDrannith Stinger


This deck had a tendency to pop up every so often and do well. The deck is powerful and was able to be adjusted well into different plans and minor adjustments. Whenever the world forgot about Cycling, it sprung back up.

9. Mono-Red


Mono-Red is a deck, like Sultai, that I think I’d be remiss to not mention. The deck has fallen off the map, seemingly both in competitive events and on ladder, but still important to the history of the Standard format. Mono-Red has won 62.8 percent of its matches this season.


10. Izzet Control


This was our team deck from the weekend and it was good enough for Jan Moritz Merkel (actually more like he was good enough to pilot it to) to win a spot in the World Championship. Congrats to Jan! Untapped has it currently at a 52.8 percent win rate so far.



Thanks everyone, I’ll be back once it’s reasonable for power rankings of new Standard with Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Until then!


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