Emergent Ultimatum in Historic – Genius, Grifter or Madmen? Choose Two!

It’s been a while since my last article, but with Team Pantheon playing my brew in the most important League Weekend, I figured it was time. I’ve written this article before the weekend, so I hope that everybody that reads this article is awed by how well we did!


Alrund's Epiphany


Once Alrund’s Epiphany was spoiled, I knew there were possibilities with Emergent Ultimatum in Standard. From there on, I recognized the power of Ultimatum and tried to apply it to Historic as well. I think I spent more time researching possible three card combinations than I did for my final thesis (which also says something about my thesis, but let’s not focus on that shall we?).

For the Kaldheim Championship, I tested with Daan Pruijt, someone who loves to brew just as much as I do, and together we came up with the best combination.

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