Deck Highlight – Standard Sultai Midrange

Standard Sultai

NOTE: WotC have announced a potential change to the Standard format coming Monday, September 28th. As an Uro banning is considered likely, Team CFB will not be writing a deck guide until we’re sure the deck will be relevant.

You can’t keep a good deck based around Uro down. The titan allows goodstuff to be a simple deck to just throw together and win games with. Not that it’s easy to win with midrange, you have to be strategic about being fast enough to beat aggro, but big enough to threaten control.

It helps that Zendikar has provided plenty of tools to do just that. Hagra Mauling, Jwari Disruption, Bloodchief’s Thirst and even Tangled Florahedron give the deck a higher density of impactful spells and lower land count (of lands that are lands, not other stuff too, this is as confusing to write about as it is to read, I’m sure).

Garruk, Cursed Huntsman and Ashiok, Nightmare Muse fill the vacant spot left by Nissa, Who Shakes out of Standard Finally and though that is a small drop in power level, Ugin is along for the ride too, so you’re barely missing a beat post-rotation.


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