Deck Highlight: Stiggy’s Historic Neoform Combo

I stumbled upon an interesting new Historic combo deck on reddit from an Arena player “Stiggy”. This deck is capable of turn 3 kills thanks to Sea Gate Stormcaller from Zendikar Rising.

Historic Neoform Combo by Stiggy

Historic Neoform Combo Deck List - Stiggy

How does this deck work?

Your plan is to play a mana creature on turn 1 or 2 (Llanowar Elves, Gilded Goose or Tangled Florahedron) and on turn 3 you lead with Sea Gate Stormcaller. Next you play Neoform, which is going to get you an extra copy thanks to Stormcaller’s ability. With the copy, you get Dualcaster Mage, and make another copy of the original Neoform that’s still on the stack. You repeat the same with the other 3 Dualcaster Mages in your deck and then the same again with another 4 Glasspool Mimics, each copying a Dualcaster Mage. After the last one, you still have one more Neoform copy and the original on the stack, which you will use to get Tuktuk Rubblefort to give all your creatures haste and Cruel Combat Celebrant in case you need to attack twice.

Shimmer of Possibility adds a little bit of consistency to find the combo pieces, but I would like to try to find a few more card selection spells, perhaps something like Opt. The perfect card for this job would be Once Upon a Time, but that’s unfortunately not legal.

Because your plan is to win on one turn, you have Pact of Negation as a free counter to force your combo through.

You could try this deck in other format as well, for example in modern you can use cards with Transmute, like Muddle the Mixture, to find both Neoform and Sea Gate Stormcaller. Fetchlands and shocklands are gonna give you a better mana base and card selection like Serum Visions is also better in that format.

Shocklands are actually available in Historic as well, so that probably seems like an easy improvement for the manabase in general over some of the Pathways.

Because of the nature of the deck, it seems like its more of a best-of-1 deck than a best-of-3. You can’t afford to sideboard out too many cards because you are using almost everything as your combo pieces. Florahedron and Pact of Negation can definitely be sideboarded out though, so if you feel like trying it on best-of-3, these would be the cards that I would usually take out.


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