Deck Highlight: Standard White Weenie

Standard White Weenie by Slater Claudel


I found this deck from a Mythic Society Weekly Standard Tournament which was won by Slater Claudel, going 4-0 in the event with this list. Frankly, I found it to be a breath of fresh air to see something different not only enter the tournament, but actually do well. I haven’t had a chance to play the deck yet myself, but if you’re looking for something fresh to try in Standard, this could be a fun and competitive deck.

Maul of the SkyclavesSpeaker of the Heavens

This is a mono white aggro deck, aiming to play creatures and attack the opponent’s life total. The deck has a bit of a life gain subtheme with a few lifelink creatures, evasion for them in the form of Maul of the Skyclaves and Speaker of the Heavens to potentially get a lot of value.

Selfless SaviorAlseid of Life's Bounty

The deck can also play a bit of a “protect the queen” strategy by using he Selfless Savior and Alseid of Life’s Bounty to protect a big or equipped creature.

This deck could easily be ported into Best of One if you’re enjoying that and honestly, just a straight port over would probably be totally fine. The sideboard cards are good but not super impactful, which tends to be the case with a white weenie deck.

Happy holidays and good luck!


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