Deck Highlight: Standard UR Control

Standard Izzet Control Deck List - Andrew Cuneo

When I was looking through the 7-wins, $2000 decklists from the Arena Open, one list stuck out to me – MPL member Andrew Cuneo’s U/R Control.

Andrew is known for his love of control decks and this one is no different. Your goal is to play almost everything at instant speed and counter your opponent’s big cards like The Great Henge and Into the Story. You can get rid of cheap creatures with Scorching Dragonfire and Bonecrusher Giant, but what really stands out is the 3 copies of Storm’s Wrath, which is an amazing clean answer for Vivien, Monsters’ Advocate.

If you liked U/R Flash in the previous format, this deck is as close to it as possible and now you even have Shark Typhoon as an additional threat you can play at instant speed.

Midnight Clock and Kiora Bests the Sea God are cards I almost forgot were still legal, but if Andrew put them into his deck, you better believe they are worth their spots.

This deck should be a fine choice for both Bo1 and Bo3 and you should be playing some close matches with the top decks in the format – Rogues, Gruul and Yorion/Doom decks.

The maindeck Soul-Guide Lanterns are telling me that the matchup against Kroxa decks is probably less than ideal, but at least those decks don’t seem to be super popular right now.

This deck looks both fun to play, but also seems to utilize some underplayed cards like Storm’s Wrath that should be pretty good right now, so give it a try.


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