Deck Highlight: Standard UB Midrange

Hi everyone.  Here’s a UB Midrange deck of the day.  This deck was sent to me by twitter user “Rattleclaw1” with the note that they have gone 11-4 against Omnath decks.  With Omnath being the clear deck to beat any such results for a deck warrant some attention.

Standard UB Midrange Deck List - Rattleclaw1

The deck is a midrange deck that seeks to use counters, cheap removal, and cheap but very effective creatures to win the game.  Like a lot of decks that have been popping up in Standard, this deck looks build to have a lot going for it against Omnath decks. With cheap creatures, cheap counters, the deck should really have a decent time playing against other standard decks.  The deck looks to have game against aggro, with so much cheap removal and creatures, and the power of the creatures in the deck should be good against other midrange.  Against control, having cheap threats is ideal, and counters and sicard are very powerful tools.

I’ve said before but I think both cheap counters and discard are among the best cards against the Omnath deck; Mystical Dispute, Negate, Heartless Act, and Agonizing Remorse are all great against the deck and great Standard cards.  The deck utilizes modal double faced cards to prevent flooding and also uses some cheap but powerful creatures; Nadir Kraken, Sea Gate Stormcaller, and Rankle, Master of Pranks (which I guess isn’t that cheap, but impactful for its mana cost) to actually win the game.

This deck is worth playing for it’s potentially decent matchup against Omnath and also cool because it uses some cards that aren’t showing up in a lot of other archetypes.  Thanks again to Rattleclaw for showing me the deck, and good luck to you all if you try it.

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