Deck Highlight: Standard Temur Draw-Two

While looking for something a little different, I found this Temur Draw-Two list from Jan Giersdorf, played in the Hooglandia Open 6 to a 3-2 finish.  I always have liked this kind of deck, where we try to draw extra cards for benefits other than just fun and profit.

Standard Temur Draw-Two Deck List - Jan Giersdorf

This deck tries to play cards that draw additional cards and use them in combination with cards that give you a benefit when you’ve drawn your second card in a turn; specifically Jolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse, Improbable Alliance, and Irencrag Pyromancer.  Jolreal and Improbable Alliance can both make creatures, to pose as threats, defense, or attack enemy planeswalkers, Irencrag Pyromancer can do the same, just in a different way.

I would consider this to be a bit of a control deck, maybe with a slight twinge of combo to it. I played against this deck on the ladder, and I found it pretty cool.  It looks like it has some good things going for it; notably the four main deck copies of Neutralize as well as a deck where there are so many cheap cards that we can reliably return Uro to the battlefield from the graveyard very quickly.

This deck probably doesn’t have the best matchup against Omnath, but if you’re looking for some fun or a change of pace, I think it seems worth trying.


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