Deck Highlight: Standard RB Sacrifice

This deck comes from the Rivals League member Levunga, who used it to win the CFB Clash tournament a couple of days ago.

I’ve been enjoying playing the deck myself with some changes and I really like it.

Standard RB Sacrifice Deck List - Levunga

This deck is a little different from the older version of R/B Midrange by playing Claim the Firstborn and Village Rites. Given how popular both Gruul and Rogues are, I feel like this is a very reasonable change.

Normally, playing Fling in constructed is a little bit of a stretch, but Kazuul’s Fury can be a land if you need, which I think makes it playable.

Village Rites isn’t useful only in combination with Claim, you can also fizzle your opponent’s Bonecrusher Giant with it or just draw 2 cards with it when they play removal on your guys.

If you want to beat U/B Rogues, this is how you do it. If they ever start milling you, Kroxas and Woe Striders and Oxes start popping out of the graveyard, which usually helps you manage it’s size under the required numbers to make their cards better. If their Into the Stories cost 7 and their Enforcers don’t have deathtouch, it is almost impossible for them to keep up with you.

I feel like Gruul is slightly unfavorable in the current configuration, especially if they are playing the slower version with a lot of copies of The Great Henge. This is probably fixable by playing some Akroan Wars in the maindeck, which is your best card against them.

I’m still not sure what is the correct number of which removal spells. While Bloodchief’s Thirst can take down Vivien, being sorcery speed isn’t great. Eliminate is more expensive, but you can deal with Rogues at instant speed.

I’m also not sure on the mana base, as I sometimes have problems getting double red and double black. Perhaps Temples should be a 4-of, but then you have a lot of comes-into-play-tapped lands.

My version is very far from perfect and it has still felt pretty good. I’m pretty sure this deck is worth working on, as it is showing a lot of potential.


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