Deck Highlight: Standard Rakdos Ramp

Last weekend’s CFB Clash was won by Maurycy Flisykowski, piloting a sweet Rakdos Ramp control deck. Rakdos is going big these days, and Irencrag Feat into Ugin is the top of a nice curve. Let’s take a look!

Rakdos Ramp

Note that the deck is 61 cards, so I’d probably cut a Mountain or Spikefield Hazard to get to 60.

Game Plan

This deck’s plan is to kill each and every card the opponent plays, as evidenced by the 30 removal spells. Irencrag into Ugin is the most combo-style aspect of the deck, but at the end of the day it’s just another way to sweep the board.

Key Cards


This deck has tons of removal, including a bunch in its land slots. It answers threats by killing them, either individually, or at once with a sweeper.

Card Draw

Mazemind Tome and Ox of Agonas provide the deck with the card advantage it needs (though Ugin is no slouch either). Normally, a lack of card draw is what makes Rakdos decks lose long games, but this deck draws plenty of cards.


This isn’t really a threats deck. Ugin and Bonecrusher Giant can end games, but both are answers more than anything else. This isn’t a deck that gets aggressive too easily, so don’t count on beatdown to close out very many games.


In general, this deck is looking to swap out its least effective removal spells for different, more effective removal. That means putting in hand disruption and Phoenixes against control, Heartless Acts against aggro, and some individual answers in Soul-Guide Lantern and Field of Ruin.


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