Deck Highlight: Standard Naya Control

Standard Naya Control Deck List - William Jensen

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This is a Naya control deck that seeks to control the board with sweepers and spot removal.  From there, the deck used Mazemind Tome and Yasharn for card advantage, as well as turning some lands into highly impactful late game cards in the form of Shatterskull Smashing and Ondu Inversion. Yidaro is an exciting finisher, as the goal becomes all about survival, until we can draw and cycle four copies and start putting them directly into play.  Revitalize can help to stave off death and find more Yidaros.

This is a fun deck and it’s different than what everyone else is doing.  While usually if the world are focused on a few strategies and people are doing other things, the decks don’t tend to be top tier, they are often still fun, as this deck looks to me.  I have always wanted to play with Yidaro, and though I have a handful of times, I haven’t played a meaningful number of games with.

I found this deck on Mtgazone and it was listed as coming from a Platinum Ranked Arena player, but without a username.  Beyond that, I’m not sure how to credit the list.

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