Deck Highlight: Standard Mono White Control


Standard Mono White Control by Michael Rooks


This deck went undefeated in a 40 person tournament, which I thought was worth a highlight. 


DoomskarOndu Inversion // Ondu SkyruinsUgin, the Spirit Dragon


For a bargain price of about 50 rare and mythic wild cards, you get a cool white control deck that wants to mainly play against creature and midrange decks thanks to four main deck Doomskar and four Ondu Inversion, topped by Ugin, the Spirit Dragon.

I played against this deck a few times on the ladder and getting Wrathed on turn three is no joke. 


Solemn SimulacrumMazemind Tome


Solemn helps you ramp up and in combination with Mazemind Tome, which provides a little bit of card advantage. 


The Birth of Meletis


I like that this deck is running 20 lands, but with all the MDFCs and The Birth of Meletis, you shouldn’t have a problem with hitting your land drops every single turn. 


Snow-Covered Plains (276)Faceless HavenCrawling Barrens


At first, I thought that 10 Snow-Covered Plains and two Faceless Haven were nowhere near enough sources for animating your Faceless Havens, but The Birth of Meletis and Solemn also help you find your snow lands. Given how powerful Haven is for me in every deck that can afford to run it, I would like to see this list run the full four and cut the Crawling Barrens. 

I’m not going to tell you that this deck is tier 1, but if you want to have fun on the Arena ladder with something different that has plenty of room for improvement, this deck could be a fine choice.



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