Deck Highlight: Standard Mono Green Food

Today’s Deck Highlight is a Mono Green Food deck from the Magic Online deck dump from a player named “Evange_”.

Standard Mono-Green Food Deck List - Evange_

This deck aims to use synergies of food and food dependent cards to create big advantages.  Wicked Wolf is a great card against creature decks, and sometimes can even be very hard to remove for people who are playing other decks without remove that exiles.  The same goes for Feasting Troll KingTrail of Crumbs can create great card advantage and dig deeper to find more key cards, generate more food, etc.

This is a midrange deck. While the deck can get some aggressive draws, especially given that it has a one drop mana accelerant in Gilded Goose, and a large number of creatures, mostly the deck is going to win by grinding the aforementioned synergies.  Four copies of Vivien, Monsters’ Advocate is another midrange heavy hitter that can create bigger and bigger advantages.  It also allows the deck to play a little bit of a toolbox, with a couple Scavenging Oozes and a Threashing Brontodon, which can be tutored for off of Vivien.

This deck looks fun and looks to be interested in doing something different than most of the decks in standard right now.  It looks strong enough to win, and although it might not be the best deck in the format, it looks worth trying to me.


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