Deck Highlight: Standard Jeskai Transmogrify

Standard Jeskai Transmogrify Deck List - Will Pulliam

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I came across this deck on twitter, posted by Will Pulliam. Now that the metagame is more aggressive, Dream Trawler should be better than ever.

The game plan is pretty simple, turn a token into Dream Trawler as soon as turn 4, thanks to Transmorgrify.

The Birth of Meletis, Omen of the Sun and Shark Typhoon should make sure that you have enough tokens to target with Transmogrify and Lukka.

The rest of the deck plays out as a normal Jeskai control deck. I think the metagame is probably a little too aggressive for Neutralize now, so I would probably replace those with a few more Essence Scatter, Negates and the 4th Omen of the Sun.

This deck isn’t going to be very good against Rogues because they have way too much cheap instant speed removal, but if you can always sneak Dream Trawler into play, to which they usually don’t have an answer.

Fire Prophecy in the sideboard could be better than Scorching Dragonfire. Baneslayer Angel is another anti-creature card that works similarly to Dream Trawler, if you feel like you want more copies. Narset of the Ancient Way could be another interesting improvement for the maindeck.


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