Deck Highlight: Standard Jeskai Spells

Standard Jeskai Spells Deck List - coutinho brewer

This is a cool deck.  The deck uses a strategy similar to the old Izzet spells deck but with a couple twists.  The deck can use Sprite Dragon and Stormwing Entity in order to leverage some cantrips that might not have other major effects on the game; like Opt or Crash ThroughMagmatic Channeler looks like a pretty exciting new card for the deck. If there are four or more instant or sorcery cards in our graveyard, it’s a two mana 4/4.

The card See the Truth is one of the things that looks the most fun about this deck.  With both Magmatic Channeler and Vadrok, Apex of Thunder, we have ways to cast See the Truth from places other than our hand, giving us the ability to draw three cards.  That can’t of combo is very fun, as often drawing three can get us closer and closer to our next draw three.  Keep in mind, making a copy of See the Truth while it’s on the stack doesn’t count as casting it from elsewhere.

This looks like a fun deck.  I think it has some chances against Omnath, and maybe that’s enough to give it a try.  Fun is certainly enough to give it a try and let’s be honest; who doesn’t like to draw three cards sometimes?


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