Deck Highlight: Standard Izzet 8 Shark

Standard Izzet 8 Shark Deck List - Robert Lee

This is basically what amounts to an Izzet Flash deck, but with a much cooler name.  The deck plans to counter the opponents best threats, with Negate, Neutralize and Essence Scatter, in the early turns, and then counter a later creature with Voracious Greatshark, providing a threat as a counterspell.  The four copies of Shark Typhoon give the deck another axis on which to win, by providing a huge threat while the opponent is tapped out. Bonecrusher Giant is crucial in dealing with cheap early threats, be it either a Lotus Cobra, Edgewall Innkeeper, or random one or two toughness creatures out of any aggressive decks we may run into.

This is a control deck, with a bit of a tempo slant, which I guess is true for most flash decks.  The deck can use Frantic Inventory and Thassa’s Intervention to make up some card advantage, and also has some land utility by playing with two copies of Crawling Barrens.

This deck looks fun to me and has a great name.  The Omnath menace is still rampant in standard, even after the banning of Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath.  This deck looks like it would have a decent matchup to me against Omnath Ramp decks, though would perhaps struggle in games where a Lucky Clover went unanswered. Personally, I think it’s cool to try different things when formats are dominated by one deck, and I’ll try this deck on style and name alone.


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