Deck Highlight: Standard Grixis

Standard Grixis Deck List - Crokeyz

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Few days ago I talked to you about Control decks having the tools to defeat the Omnaths decks. I did have a good success with Esper Doom at doing so, whereas the most popular Magic streamer Crokeyz did have great success on the ladder with his version of Grixis, going 23-2 with it!

The deck is a true Control deck with a great selection of counters, removals and even discard spells in the form of Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger, which also serves the purpose of being a win condition together with Shark Typhoon and Ashiok, Nightmare Muse.

This deck exploits the double face cards perfectly with Spikefield Hazard, Hagra Mauling and Shatterskull Smashing, which do count as removals but also as lands, raising the land count to 28, and in this way fixing an otherwise pretty rough manabase.

If you like to not play the Tier1 deck and instead try to pack some maindeck tools to beat it, this is the deck for you!

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