Deck Highlight: Standard Four-Color Adventures

The departure of Uro isn’t going to do much to stop the Omnath train, and today’s deck highlight shows off a deck that won a PTQ while Uro was legal (and chose not to play it). It takes the Temur Adventures shell and splashes Omnath, which is a fantastic place to be.

Standard 4-C Adventures Deck List - Michael Bonde

Gameplan: This deck has three engines, all of which complement each other. Edgewall Innkeeper draws off all the adventure creatures, Lucky Clover doubles all the spells, and Omnath plus Escape or Beanstalk Giant does everything you need. All the plays this deck makes provide value, and it overwhelms the opponent in card advantage very quickly.

Archetype: This is certainly a ramp deck, as it uses Escape and Fertile Footsteps to build up to a bunch of huge plays. Fae of Wishes and Omnath both give you a powerful lategame, and Beanstalk Giant pairs nicely with Kazuul’s Fury out of the sideboard.

Why You Should Play This Deck: This deck has the most powerful combination of cards in Standard, with multiple hard-to-stop value engines.

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