Deck Highlight: Standard Dimir Rogues

Today’s deck highlight focuses on a rogue deck, as in a deck full of rogues. This deck gained a TON by Uro being banned, as milling Uro was bad times, and can put together a surprising amount of pressure while disrupting the opponent.

Standard Dimir Rogues Deck List - Masaya Ochiai

Gameplan: This deck uses various cheap Rogues to mill the opponent and enable cards like Drown in the Loch and Anticognition, while finishing the game with heavy hitters like Zareth San and Rankle.

Zareth San is an absurdly powerful card, and getting it through often leads to a huge swing. Merfolk Windrobber, Thieves’ Guild Enforcer, and Soaring Thought-Thief are the perfect enablers, while also milling the opponent and giving you more Zareth targets.

This deck also utilizes the flip lands well, playing a bunch of them, which helps it to never run out of gas. The counterspell suite gives it the disruption it needs, and this deck does a great job combining pressure and disruption, just like any classic aggro-control deck.

Deck Type: Aggro-Control

 This archetype is a time-tested one, and features cheap threats, counters, and ways to pressure the opponent. It’s not the fastest or the most controlling, but it takes elements of both to keep the opponent on the defensive. Think Mono-Blue back when Curious Obsession and Tempest Djinn ruled the roost, or Faeries/Merfolk in any format.

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