Deck Highlight: Standard Dimir Mill

Standard Dimir Mill Deck List - Crokeyz

This is a UB Mill deck with a few rogues in order to help facilitate the milling. The deck aims to use Ruin Crab plus Thieves’ Guild Enforcer/Soaring Thought-Thief and Merfolk Windrobber to run the opponent out of cards in their deck, or sometimes just attack for lethal damage.  The deck also has ways to deal with the board as well as spells on the stack; Drown in the Loch is extremely strong while milling the opponent, and so is Into the Story as a way to get significant card advantage.

This deck most resembles a control deck, in my opinion, though certainly it has other types of cards as well.  It can occasionally win games where it looks like a combo deck or even an aggressive deck, but those games are not quite as common.

I think the best reason to play this deck is because of how good Crokeyz seems to indicate it is.  Crokeyz doesn’t seem to speak in much hyperbole, so it’s usually a very good indicator of what the best deck is.  More seriously, the deck looks both strong and fun.  The cheap creatures and removal match up great against creature decks, and even Ruin Crab is a good blocker.  The card advantage and mill should be good against control and midrange decks, and the deck seems to have reasonable plans for all matchups.


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