Deck Highlight: Standard Boros Cycling

Standard Boros Cycling Deck List - HCOOK725


Zenith Flare

This deck is a blast from the not too distant past.  I found this list from the Magic Online preliminary deck dump, played by HCOOK725 to a 4-1 record. The deck is a cycling deck.  The primary plans for the deck are to play a turn 1 Flourishing Fox and cycle cards to repeatedly put +1/+1 counters on it.  The other plan is to cycle through the deck and to play Zenith Flare to do upwards of 20 damage.

I saw this list and I thought that maybe this could be a good time for the return of Flourishing Fox.  With Gruul relying on red removal, such as Bonecrusher Giant for removal, Flourishing Fox will be a really strong card.  The downside here is that Rogues can really take advantage of all the cycling and has enough removal to deal with the Fox.  That being said, rogues does operate on a mill strategy so if the cycling deck could sneak through a Zenith Flare, it could often be lethal.

I’d consider this to be a metagame call.  If the rise in Gruul causes a decrease in decks like rogues, this deck could be in a decent position.  I think Cycling could also be reasonable against Yorion decks, particularly ones that are light on counterspells, or other slow midrange decks.  I’d consider this to be somewhat of an aggro combo deck, and the deck itself is relatively inexpensive as well as fun to play.


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